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Who We Are

How We Got Started

Dancing has always been an art form across various religions and cultures as a means of expression or just for pure enjoyment. Just ask the dedicated dancers who come to practice with us every week.

Having opened our door in the summer of 2013, the teachers at Trinity Stage School have always had the aim to pass on their passion of dance and theatre to the next generation. We work very hard to instil in all of the students that walk through our doors the importance of hard work, dedication, and discipline in order to achieve their dreams, be this in performing arts or in any other part of their lives.

We know and understand the importance of individuality, and as such we ensure that our students work hard to become the best versions of themselves, and above all else have fun doing it!


When  you decide to join us at Trinity Stage School, you too will be able to take advantage of our core values and ambitions. Whether a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, we have room in our family.

The Trinity Bears

Trinity Bear was introduced to the school in June 2014 as a motivational tool for the children. Every week Trinity Bear gets to go on a sleepover with a very special student that has shown hard work and improvement during lessons. Trinity Bear turns up to dancing class every week with her backpack packed and ready to go on her next sleepover! 

Trinity bear was so popular that it only seemed to fair to introduce her little sister Tilly Bear into the school in January 2015. Following

in her sister's footsteps, Tilly loves to be given the opportunity every week to spend time with one very special and hard working dancing pal! She always turns up to dancing withher very own backpack too. Tilly Bear particularly spends time with the 3-6 year olds, while Trinity spends her week with one lucky 7-10 year old.

Then in 2019 we have just introduced a new motivator, Bianca Bear. Bianca Bear was introduced as a watcher and observer bear, she is particularly strict and likes to be impressed. She is only given out in class for children have gained a great personal achievement and therefore has to be earned if she is to be taken home for a sleepover!


They have all been a fantastic addition and influence to our school and we love our Bears very much!

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