Essex Dance Workshops

Essex Dance Workshops

Offering Modelling, Acrobatics & Tumbling, Contemporary and Street Workshops this half term!

Frank Holder Management
19 Feb 2020, 10:00 – 14:00
Vange Community Centre,
Vange Hill Dr, Basildon SS16 4DA, UK



 1. No Jewellery should be worn in class, this includes watches and earrings. It is recommended that valuables are not brought to the venue; Workshop Teachers and Staff will not be responsible for any lost or damaged property brought onto the premises. 

2. Please inform us if your child is suffering from any injuries, health concerns or allergies etc.  It would be appreciated if we were informed of any learning difficulties (hearing/speech/sight) so we can help your child to enjoy the lessons as much as possible.

3. No Chewing Gum or any other food is allowed in class.  However students may bring in with them to class a non-fizzy soft drink.

4. Some physical contact may be necessary during class by the teacher to demonstrate exercises or techniques, to prevent injury during the class, or to administer first aid if required.  


5. No responsibility is taken for any injury occurred, during or after the class, although great care is taken to avoid such an occurrence.  ​

6. Parents and students are responsible for checking when leaving that they have all of their belongings with them. The Workshop Teachers and Staff take no responsibility for anything lost on the premises, although please let the teacher know, if anything has been lost or left behind.   

7. Photography and videoing of the workshops may be taken by workshop staff for promotional purposes. Parents/Guardians understand that by signing these Terms and Conditions they are entering a contract with Trinity Stage School and Frank Holder Management for use of photographs and videos of their child/children. These images will be used for promotional purposes, celebrating the progression of all students during the workshops, and for capturing the event to celebrate the children's achievements in years to come.


This is an agreement that any images and videos published by Trinity Stage School or Frank Holder Management will be the property of Trinity Stage School and Frank Holder Management. This includes images captured by the organisers during the event or provided to the organisers from the parents of the children in the images.


Examples of where these images will be used includes (but not exclusively) Social Media, Show/Showcase/Competitions, Posters, Leaflets, and any published media.


8. Please be aware that parents are welcome (and encouraged) to contact Trinity Stage School or Frank Holder Management directly if they do not wish to accept point 7 of the Terms and Conditions, and Trinity Stage School will keep this request on file to accommodate the removal of points 7 from this contract.



9. At No point do parents or pupils enter the studio when classes are in progress unless invited. There are opportunities in between some classes to provide parents the opportunity to speak with the teacher.  

10. Please respect the building and property where the classes are taking place, by keeping the noise level low and the rooms tidy and free of rubbish. Any pupils or members of their family who damage any property will be liable to pay for repairs.


11. For security purposes, the main door of the School’s premise must remain closed at all times. Ensure you come into the building to collect your children; students must not leave the premise without a parent or guardian.

12. Parents are responsible for their children outside of their classes. Workshop Teachers and Staff can not be held responsible for children in the waiting area, outside of classes as staff will be teaching within the studio. If parents leave their children, please ensure that they are adequately supervised by another adult outside of class time and ensure that your child has been registered in and out of the building.

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