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The Big Mistake Whipped Women.avi

To illustrate this point, Stacker gathered data on IMDb's 100 worst movies as of October 2020 and ranked them according to IMDb user votes with ties broken by vote count, #1 carrying the title for worst. Only feature, English-language films with more than 10,000 user votes were considered. For each of the worst movies in this gallery, we've highlighted a mistake (or several) ranging from minor to major slips.

The Big Mistake Whipped Women.avi


An erotic thriller-drama starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, "The Canyons" is an interesting but difficult-to-watch flop about the desperation and vapidity of Hollywood. One could argue that the entire movie is mistake of competing tones, but there's one moment, when the camera pans over a dead woman and her pulse is clearly still visible, that stands out as a major oops.

Drew Barrymore voices the eponymous canine, and Piper Perabo plays the woman assigned to dogsit. In one sequence, the chihuahua deposits dog food in her sitter's shoes. This reveals a conspicuous mistake since the same shoes were just on feet, then off, and next, located across the room in a prime spot for the doggy prank, but at the expense of sacrificing spatial logic.

This sloppy, snoozy parody of war films aims to spoof the Iraq war. Instead, the premise foists the racist notion " that rednecks can't distinguish between brown-skinned people." The plot focuses on three faux army guys who mistake Mexico (when they're accidentally deposited there) for Iraq.

The second installment in the "Larry the Cable Guy" franchise, "Health Inspector" is riddled with continuity mistakes. Notable discrepancies include a vanishing Popeyes cup in Larry's truck and disappearing notes on an investigation whiteboard. Unfortunately, the irreverent and often misused humor is the film's biggest mistake.

Pamela Anderson (Pamela Lee in 1996) of "Baywatch" fame starred as Barb Wire in this cartoonish, comic book film that was panned by critics for its cliché-ridden banality. It's filled with continuity mistakes in many of its action scenes, including one involving a refrigerator. Barb shoves a bad guy into the fridge and shoots him through the door leaving bullet holes. In the next shot, the holes disappear.

Despite being geared to Generation Z and based in a digital milieu, this animated film contains multiple mistakes when it comes to the workings of phones and technology. The plot glosses over the basic facts of wiping phones, jailbreaking, warranties, and tech support.

Set in a creepy McMansion that's up for sale, this horror film failed to garner much attention. One glaring mistake involves a basement step that breaks early in the film, appears fixed mid-film, and then shows up broken again in a later scene.

Starring the winner and the runner-up from the first season of "American Idol," "From Justin to Kelly" follows a formula that comes across cold and flat despite its beach setting and teeny-bopper frenzy. One glaring mistake occurs when Kelly orders a burger from a food truck, takes the dish, and walks away without paying. The moment stands out as awkward to any audience members who are still paying attention.

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