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How To Identify A Jackson Guitar By Its Serial Number Japanl

A Jackson serial number lookup can help you determine many things, such as the date of manufacture, the factory of production, and even the specific model of the guitar. This article will provide an overview of the Jackson guitar factory code system and explain how to use it to look up information about your own instrument.

How to Identify a Jackson Guitar by Its Serial Number Japanl

What Are Jackson Guitar Serial Numbers?

Jackson uses a unique serial number system to track and identify each guitar that is produced. These codes can be found on the back of the headstock or on the neck plate of the guitar. The format of the code varies depending on the year of production and the factory where the guitar was made.

From the beginning of production until around 2001, the factory numbers were quite organized. A custom shop bolt-on neck guitar will consist of a number with no zeros in front of the factory code. But a production Jackson bolt-on would have one that starts with two zeros. Another example is the Ontario Custom Shop Jackson guitars. They have serial numbers that begin with a J. But the factory neck-through production instruments have codes that start with UO.

In general, the code will consist of a combination of letters and numbers. The letters usually indicate the factory of production, while the numbers provide information about the date of manufacture and the build lots.

How to Decode Jackson Guitar Serial Numbers?

The easiest way to decode your Jackson guitar serial number is to use their official lookup tool. You can enter your serial number and get information about your guitar, such as model name, description, and date. However, this tool only works for guitars made after 2002. For older guitars, you will need to use other sources or methods.

One source is Killer Rig, which provides a comprehensive guide for Jackson guitar serial numbers from 1982 to 2001. They have tables and charts for both bolt-on and neck-through guitars, as well as examples and explanations for each code. You can also find information about other factories, such as Japan, India, Indonesia, and China.

Another source is GuitarSite, which has a database of user-submitted serial numbers and guitar details. You can browse through the entries or search by keywords. You can also post your own serial number and ask for help from other users.

A third source is Truexfiles, which has a blog post about Jackson guitars made in Japan. They explain how to identify Japanese-made guitars by their serial numbers and how to date them by their features.

Why Should You Care About Jackson Guitar Serial Numbers?

Jackson guitar serial numbers are more than just random codes. They can tell you a lot about your guitar and its value. For collectors and buyers, knowing how to decode Jackson guitar serial numbers can help you:

  • Verify the authenticity of your guitar

  • Determine the age and condition of your guitar

  • Identify rare or special models or features

  • Compare prices and quality with other guitars

  • Trace the history and origin of your guitar

Jackson guitars are among the most sought-after instruments in the market. They have a reputation for excellence and innovation. By learning how to read their serial numbers, you can appreciate their craftsmanship and history even more.


Jackson guitar serial numbers are a useful tool for anyone who owns or wants to own a Jackson guitar. They can provide valuable information about your guitars production and history. By using online sources or methods, you can decode your Jackson guitar serial number easily and quickly.

If you have any questions or comments about Jackson guitar serial numbers, feel free to leave them below. We would love to hear from you! 04f6b60f66


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