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Apple Still Wants Its Users To Charge Multiple Devices At The Same Time

Pros: Apple Music has a library of 90 million songs that can be accessed on Apple, Windows, and Android devices. After a recent update, the entire library is available in lossless hi-fi at no extra charge. Human curators create a variety of themed playlists that help users discover new music. Unsurprisingly, the Apple Music experience is particularly smooth on iPhones and Mac computers.

Apple Still Wants Its Users to Charge Multiple Devices at the Same Time


Q: Why should I use attributes for access control in Amazon Cognito? Amazon Cognito Identity Pools now enables you to use attributes from social and corporate identity providers to make access control decisions. You can create a simple permissions policy for users with the same attribute instead of creating multiple policies for each user. This will simplify your permissions management to AWS resources.

With any streaming service, there are a few questions that immediately come to mind: Can you watch shows offline? Does it support multiple user profiles? Are there parental controls? Another critical question has to do with how many devices you can stream on at once. It's no problem to use Peacock as a single person on one device, but what if someone wants to have their account logged into multiple devices? There's good and bad news here. The good news is that there's no limit to how many devices a Peacock account can be logged in to. If someone wants to put their account on a few smartphones, a laptop, and a couple of TVs, they can do all of that without a hitch.

New device same-day delivery and setup is available in select locations and for select devices, which are subject to change at any time. Availability of delivery and setup applies only to new devices purchased on if presented at the time of device purchase and is contingent on certain criteria, including device purchase time, inventory, customer location and technician availability. This benefit is offered through Mobile Secure. Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device and Verizon Mobile Protect include Mobile Secure.

For optimal Bluetooth performance, we recommend pairing your Garmin device to only one smartphone or tablet at a time using the Garmin Connect app. If your Garmin device is paired to more than one mobile device, you may experience Bluetooth connection issues. If you currently have your Garmin device paired to multiple mobile devices and are experiencing Bluetooth connection issues, you will need to unpair the Garmin device from any non-primary devices.

The USB-C and USB-A ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time. While one port charges your MacBook at up to 30W, the second port can charge a smaller device, such as a smartphone, at up to 12W.

With Hulu + Live TV, you have the option of getting the Unlimited Screens add-on for an extra $9.99 a month. You will be able to stream from an unlimited number of devices at the same time on your home network. The only exception is with the HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz premium channels, which will have a limit of up to five screens at once. If you are on the go, you and your friends can stream Hulu on up to three mobile devices at once with the add-on.

Mobile Application Management is really the future of where things are going to eventually end up. No one really wants to still manage the actual physical device, but at the same time, the transition to governing the device -- meaning, the mobile applications and data -- will take some time. It's why MDM is still relevant for many enterprise organizations. A combined Zenprise and CloudGateway can become a very powerful MAM solution, a single unified storefront, so it's goodness all around.

Charge your Apple Watch and iPhone wirelessly and at the same time with this Qi-compatible charging pad. It juices up your devices for up to 20 percent faster than traditional chargers, and has exclusive multi-protect technology that delivers temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention to ensure the safety of your gadgets.

Have more devices in your tech collection? This charging stand can wireless juice up your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods at the same time. It comes equipped with a 10W controller chip to allow for speedy charging and can accommodate devices from other brands as long as they are Qi-enabled. Plus, it's designed with anti-skid pads, preventing your gadgets from falling off.

Not only can this charging dock let you refuel your Apple Watch sans the pesky wire, but it also has built-in ports to charge three more of your USB-compatible devices. That way, it can serve as the central charging hub for your entire collection. It's even engineered with smart charging technology to provide the optimal charging speed to multiple devices at once.

I keep getting told "trying to move $13, which at the current gas price doesn't make sense. If you were trying to move $130 then the gas fee will remain the same.". So when I'm trading $13 and the fee is $13.02 is there a gas percentage to look out for or when I $130 will I be charged $130.02? Sorry about being a newbie but my first trade I made I gave half away, the second trade it seemed I couldn't or wasn't allowed for almost a month and I posted a not able to trade post. Will it still be 0.004977 fee at $130 which will probably take 59% - 75%. My thought is I'm still in the same boat letting my computer run for someone else to walk away with a little bit of pocket change and I'm out of luck

Apple Releases New MacBook with Rose Gold Color, Better PerformancePosted April 19th, 2016Today, Apple quietly announced the 2nd-generation 12-inch MacBook, with many performance improvements through hardware such as the processor and flash storage. The first redesigned MacBook was announced in March of last year.Apple's new MacBook in rose gold. Photo credit: AppleFirst the first time ever, there is now a rose gold color option for the MacBook, for those who have been yearning for a pinkish notebook computer. The color lineup now matches that of the iPhone and iPad. There has been high demand for a MacBook with Intel's new Skylake processor, and today, Apple delivered. The sixth generation Intel Core M offers speeds up to 1.3GHz, faster 1866MHz memory, and 25% faster graphics through Intel HD Graphics 515. Faster flash storage should make launching apps, moving files, and so on, seem even faster compared to the previous MacBook.The new MacBook is available in the Apple Online Store right now and should ship right away, and it will be available in Apple Retail Stores starting tomorrow (Wednesday), and it starts at $1299. You can choose a MacBook with 256GB of flash storage with either a 1.1GHz or 1.3GHz processor, or one with 512GB flash storage with either a 1.2GHz or 1.3GHz processor. All variants come with 8GB of non-upgradeable RAM (memory). Speaking of RAM, Apple has now made 8GB of RAM standard on the 13-inch MacBook Air today as well, doing away with the 4GB RAM models.All four color options for the new MacBook. Photo credit: AppleWhen Apple introduced the redesigned MacBook in 2015, it was Apple's most portable laptop ever - incredibly thin at just 31mm, and weighing only two pounds. It has a single USB-C port for charging and peripherals. It was the first device after the Apple Watch to feature Force Touch, a technology which allows you to press firmly on the trackpad to access shortcuts. Now, the MacBook is faster than ever, while still keeping the same form factor.Back to: Comment on this News Article

Posted April 18th, 2016It looks like Apple may have plans to switch to Weather Underground as its data source for weather, and we have the scoop. Apple currently gets its weather data from (and iOS 6 and earlier use Yahoo! Weather), but it is possible that could change in an upcoming OS X version.There is no weather application on Macs like there is on iOS devices, however, there is a weather widget in Notification Center. That widget downloads and parses weather data and stores it in a file. The file location is an obscure, hard to find path:/Library/Containers/ "" represents your user home folder, i.e. "/Users/[your user name]."The weather widget parses data from the most recent file in that folder to display the current weather in Notification Center. However, recently, one of the files downloaded to the aforementioned folder contained references to the Weather Underground service, suggesting that Apple may move to the service in the near future for OS X weather, and possibly iOS since they would likely use the same weather source.On the left is the weather data file containing references to Weather Underground, compared to a normal weather data file on the right. Photo credit: Apple ClubOf course, there is no guarantee that Apple will actually use this, but they were clearly testing it. The file on the left above was downloaded by Apple's weather process on April 17th; the file on the right was created today, April 18th, and it appears they reverted to's data. All earlier instances of the file also used data, so it was only yesterday that Weather Underground data appeared. Also, note that in the Weather Underground data file, there is a line that says "version: 0.1," which indicates that the service is still in beta, because the version number begins with a zero.Weather Underground offers reliable data, as it updates very frequently, and can gather data from many weather stations within a town. This allows you to hone in on an area that is very close to you, as the temperature can vary across town.Back to: Comment on this News Article

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