Trinity Elite Team 2022

  1. I commit my child to the Trinity Elite Team, and understand that this commitment is to the other children within the team, and the routines in which my child performs with them, as well as understand that this commitment is to the Staff of Trinity Stage School and rehearsals in order to ensure that the team are in the best possible position to be successful in any performances the Elite team takes part in.

  2. I commit my child to attend 5 competitions throughout the year, and any additional national final competitions.

  3. I will ensure my child attends all necessary rehearsals prior to a performance as recommended by Trinity Stage School Staff.

  4. I will ensure my child has all of the correct uniform to represent Trinity Stage School at competitions and performances.

  5. I commit to ensuring my child has all of the necessary costumes, footwear, accessories and performance make up for each routine set for them to perform throughout the year as requested by Trinity Stage School staff.

  6. I understand that the £50 Elite Team fee is insurance of mine and my child’s commitment to the Elite team. I understand that this £50 will be put towards my competition and performance fees throughout the course of the year. 

  7. I understand that should I be unable to fulfil these terms and conditions, I will forfeit the £50 fee and my child could lose their place in the Elite Team.

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