COVID-19 Advice

Government Advice quick reference guide

(Updated July 2020)


  • Loss or change to sense of taste or smell

  • Persistent cough

  • High Temperature


What to do if you have symptoms

1)   Stay at home and self-isolate​

  • If you live alone: The isolation period is 7 days from when the symptoms occurred. If you feel ok after 7 days, you can stop self-isolating.

  • If you live with others: Everyone in the household will need to isolate for 14 days from the the first symptoms occurred within the entire household.

Further details about self isolating can be found on the NHS website.



2) Get a COVID-19 test (NHS website to get a test)

3) If the symptoms get worse and the NHS advice online does not help, call 111.


Vulnerable Groups

The following groups are deemed vulnerable to COVID-19 and should not be visited if you think you have coronavirus symptoms.

- Underlying health conditions:

  Respiratory diseases e.g. asthma

  Heart disease

  Kidney disease

  Liver disease

  Neurological conditions e.g. Parkinsons, MS


  Seriously overweight

- Pregnant Women

- People over the age of 70

Social Distancing

The UK Government guidelines can be found on their website

General advice is to keep socialisation to a minimum, and to try to socialise in groups of up to 2 households (as a support bubble) or in a group of up to 6 people from different households.

COVID-19 and Dance Schools

From 25 July, the UK Government has said that Dance Schools are able to reopen as long as they are operating safely, and keeping as many people as possible appropriately socially distanced.

Trinity Stage School has carried out a risk assessment and has asked all Parents of students on the Trinity Stage School books to re-read and sign terms and conditions. The T&Cs highlight the changes and expectations of students and parents in order to help ensure the safety of the Trinity Stage School families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents are able to ask for a copy of the T&Cs or the risk assessment at any time.

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