A variety of classes are offered at Trinity Stage School. As a performer it is important to be versatile with the different genres of dance. At Trinity there is something for everyone to try out!



Acrobatics is an amazing style which has its closest comparison to gymnastics. It is a combination of dance with various gymnastic style tricks.


We follow the British Theatre Dance Association Syllabus which offers qualifications from Preliminary grades to Grade 8. All students taking examinations in Grade 2 and above take Ballet classes to strengthen their dance technique along side their acrobatic abilities.

We also offer classes with Princess Jasmine, for those little ones looking to spend some time with a real life Princess.

Modern Jazz


Modern Jazz is an enjoyable, classic and probably best known style of dance. Typically this style is used for more up tempo songs and ranges from Pop songs in the charts to Musical Theatre.


Exams are offered in this style with British Theatre Dance Association from Preliminary grades to Advanced qulaifcations.




Ballet is the most classical style of dance and the fundamental core for all styles of dance. It develops strength and technique for all other subjects.


Exams are offered with British Theatre Dance Association in Ballet from Preliminary grades to Advanced qualifications.


Lyrical is a beautiful style of dance best described as a combination of Ballet and Modern Jazz. Similarly it can be compared to a more fluid style of Contemporary dance.


Qualifications are also offered in this style of dance with British Theatre Dance Association from Preliminary grades to Grade 8.



Tap is our noisiest style of dance and enjoyed by children of all ages! It involves using a shoes designed specifically with metal attached to the soles to allow rhythms to be created using only your feet!


British Theatre Dance Association Exams are available in this style of dance from Preliminary to more Advanced levels.

Drama and Musical Theatre

Drama and Musical Theatre are an excellent way for students to learn how to express themselves and gain lots of confidence! Drama consists of exercises and warm up developed to help with articulation and confidence.


Following the syllabus of BTDA, examinations can be taken in Acting and Musical Theatre (singing).

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